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Reliability. Professionalism. Excellence.

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It was wonderful to work with Arthur. He made arrangements to meet at whatever time was convenient for me and he was very knowledgeable about landscape design and plants. I showed him a picture of a bush we had at a previous home and he knew what it was immediately when two other landscapers could only guess. It's impressive that he has the detailed knowledge of his craft to back up his good work ethic. He was also very reasonably priced and was thorough with his follow up.


Garden Art is amazing. Can you say make something out of nothing. Best work ever. 🌿 🌱 🌳 🌻

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We hired this company to do major landscaping of our new property in spring 2017. It was a complex project with a lot of drainage issues and two large rain gardens on 5000 sq ft property. Arthur and Boris’s vision is exceptional and they are a hardworking crew! Would hire again in a heartbeat.


If you are looking for someone who is a great landscaper look no further. Works diligently, knows what he is doing, and has a great eye for design. You are in for a real treat with Arthur (Garden Art Of Pittsburgh).

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Garden Art does exceptional work!  Art is both professional and talented!


Art is very knowledgeable and is an overall kind person.

He has great vision and is professional at all times.

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Garden art Pittsburgh is a very professional company. I set up an appointment they came out gave me an estimate that was very affordable and a start time. They came out to start the work as scheduled and did a very awesome job in a timely manner. I will recommend this company to all my business associates as well as my friends and family for all their landscaping projects.


Professionalism. Integrity. Affordable. Awesome Results.

I strongly recommend their services.

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Just wanted to give much respect and praise for the absolutely wonderful work, Garden Art has done for me over the last few years. Arthur and his assistants are tireless and professional. I am ever so thankful and grateful for the work they put in here on my gardens and the landscaping around the beds. I have so much more ideas to discuss to continue work around the gardens. 


 I’m glad I had the opportunity to hire Garden Art of Pittsburgh. 

My wife and I bought a house that had been remodeled. An additional roof was joined with the existing roof at an angle that created a gully. Rainfall channelled into the gully with such force that heavy rainstorms created waterfalls which leapt clear over the gutters and cascaded onto the concrete patio and flowed back toward the house, into the enclosed back porch and the basement.  

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The house was built at a time when gutters were directed into storm drains, but that approach has since been banned in an effort to help prevent storm water overflow - so without that option, we had an additional problem of where to direct the water that flowed into the gutters.  Arthur took the time to come to my home and look at my problem first hand. First he offered a simple solution, which I had to decline because of other work that needs to be done to the property. Arthur took that new information into consideration, and created an innovative solution that provides several complimentary methods of directing water away from the house. The genius move was in turning the entire back patio into a French drain, so that if water from the roof jumps the gutter, it drains and distributes throughout a wider area. He found and installed the widest gutter available, and redirected this water further away from the house by suspending a French drain pipe from the gutter and into a new rain garden bed he built. Suspending the French drain helps the water flow downstream from the roof away from the house, whereas if the drain had been laid on the ground, the ground slopes downhill toward the house and the water would, too. This solution also protects the French drain from my dogs. Arthur was constructive and thoughtful about solving the problems at hand in light of the considerations and life that I have. Arthur’s solutions were thoughtful, his work solid, elegant, and beautiful. While working on the project Arthur noticed some weather wear on adjacent structures, proposed maintenance steps, and then hired and supervised professionals to handle that work as well. My wife wasn’t available to work with me on this project, and so this was my first time hiring, working with, and paying someone to provide such extensive structural work. When I asked Arthur to walk through the status of the project with me, to help me learn about the cost breakdown of the component parts of the project as the project evolved, he took the time to prepare this information and walk through it with me. Arthur’s work ethic, expertise, and clear communication made my experience easier and my property better.